8 Aug 2013

The Best Ways to Entertain Children On the Go.

It used to be that to entertain children while traveling required bags full of coloring books and board games, and a ride in the car could mean endless hours of songs or games involving license plates. Thankfully, technology has made it much easier to entertain children while on the go.

The host of electronic devices out there has made it easy to keep your kids busy and occupied when traveling. Ten years ago portable DVD players and MP3 players made parents’ lives a lot easier, but these days, you don’t even need those devices. As long as you have Read More

3 Jun 2013

10 Smart Ways to Use Your Mobile Phone On Vacation.

10 Smart Ways to Use Your Mobile Phone On Vacation

1. Use your phone as a navigational device for directions. This will be one of the most important features that your phone will provide on your trip.
2. Get an app on your phone to pinpoint good restaurants and cafes.
3. Use the Internet on your smartphone for finding fun things to do on vacation.
4. Look up information for public transportation, taxi services and rental cars on your phone.
5. Use your phone as a tool Read More

27 Mar 2013

Ways that Handheld Mobile Devices Can Keep Kids Entertained.

Parents these days are very fortunate. Technology has provided many ways to keep children busy while outside the home. More than keeping children busy is the fact that today’s mobile devices can educate our children while letting them play and be entertained. No longer must children be bored while traveling for long distances with their parents.

Parents and children now have available, from major computer tablet manufacturers and their developers, many educational games. Each is especially tailored to the age of any child Read More

4 Oct 2012

Home Security on your Smartphone Device

So far, on this blog, I’ve tackled ways yours smartphone can help you travel, but what is one of the first things you usually do before setting out on a trip? Aside from buying your ticket and making reservations, you typically safeguard the home so that nothing goes wrong. Otherwise, you might not have much of a home to return to.

So, just this once, I’m going to go over how your smartphone can actually be used to secure the house.

It’s really no secret that the Apple App store seems to have an app for just about anything. And, believe it or not, there is a security app that coordinates with ADT monitored home security systems called ADT Pulse (SM) Interactive Solutions. Using your iPad or iPhone, this app gives you control over your security system and any associated home automation. ADT Pulse customers can remotely arm or disarm the system, mess with the lights and even get real-time camera feed – and that’s just the beginning.

There are, however, a few things to bear in mind. The most important thing to remember is that this really only works if you got a home security system through homessecurity.com. The link has all kinds of useful information about their security systems and it’s worth a read if you’re in the market.

7 Jul 2012

Using Mobile Devices as a GPS for Family Geocaching.

Our society now days, could not make it without electronics. I feel like our whole world revolves around electronic devices. Now don’t get me wrong, they make our lives a heck of a lot easier but they are well over used!

There are many mobile devices that are used for various things. One of which is the ever so necessary GPS. These come in handy when traveling to places you don’t know. I personally could not make it anywhere without my handy dandy Read More

6 Jul 2012

Using Mobile Devices as a Means of Family Entertainment

When traveling or out with your family, you may need something that can help you entertain the entire family. If you don’t have a bored game or other device on hand, you can always use your cell phone. Your cell phone is a window into an excellent time together with your family, you just need to make sure you have a few different applications installed that allows everyone to interact with one another. These games are going to make Read More

3 Jul 2012

Save Time and Gas With the Use of a Handheld Device

The use of a hand-held device can be sued to save time and gas when you need to reach a destination in the shortest amount of time. There are many types of options that are available for hand-held devices to use for planning a trip and finding directions.

Online Maps

A hand-held device such as a web-enabled mobile phone has access to the Internet. Various sites online provide a map service that can be used to plan a route to a specific destination. A user can decided on a route Read More

30 Jun 2012

Never Get Lost Again on Vacation With Handheld GPS

Going on vacation is one of the most enjoyable experiences you will have. At the same time, it can be a time where you have the propensity to get lost. Going to a new country, or a new city, is filled with its own problems. You do not know anything about the area or where you are supposed to go. This is where having a handheld GPS device can be so useful. Instead of having a Read More

29 Jun 2012

Taking Stress Out of Travel With Handheld Mobile Devices

There was a time when you had to ask someone for directions before you made a trip. Heaven help you if it was Uncle Sam or Aunt Gertrude who gave them to you because you were sure to make half a dozen wrong turns and wind up at a gas station asking strangers for help.

But those days are over. I’m usually halfway down the road with directions no more specific than “North” before I map out my trip. That’s because I use GPS. This little handheld mobile device can get me Read More

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